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Size chart

It's our goal to make your biking experience perfect. That's why we have 3 frame sizes, because one size doesn't fit all. Are you smaller or taller, please don't hesitate to contact us. Maybe we can help.
  • Small
  • Size doesn't matter
    • Our smallest frame is perfect for people who are between 160cm and 170cm in height.
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  • Medium
  • The inbetweener
    • People ranging from 170cm to 180cm will fit perfectly on our medium sized bike.
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  • Large
  • Larger than life
    • Are you over 180cm? This frame size will fit you perfectly.
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Parts specifications

A good bike shouldn't be expensive, an affordable bike shouldn't be "cheap". We searched and we compared until we found those components that allow us to build affordable bicycles without making quality compromises.
Our fixies are fitted with 45mm deep dish rims. They feature an alloy, double-walled construction for extra durability.
Custom Broke Bikes™ handlebars, made from alloy. 3 types to satisfy most needs: dropdown, bullhorn and riser.
Our tires are supplied by Kenda. They are size 700c and width 25c.
Hub rear
The rear hubs are supplied by Quando. They are alloy Flip/Flop hubs and come with one 16 tooth fixed cog and one 16 tooth freewheel cog.
Broke Bikes™ crankset. Made from alloy with 46 teeth, 170mm diameter.
Broke Bikes™ custom seats by Vader, with a PVC top and steel rails. The seat post is alloy and features a quick-release clamp for quick, on-the-spot adjustments.
Hub front
The front hubs are supplied by Quando. They are alloy and have a 100mm width.
Bottom bracket
The bottom bracket is supplied by Neco and features a sealed bearing cartridge.
Promax alloy brakes with a dual-pivot calliper design, combined with alloy Promax brake levers. Stopping power guaranteed.
Frame & Fork
Our custom fixie frames are made from 4130 Chromoly steel. They are constructed using TIG welding and are double-butted. Broke Bikes™ frames are covered by a 4-year extended warranty.
The headset parts are supplied by Neco. This is a 1 1/8" Threadless headset.
Broke Bikes™ pedals, made from alloy to keep weight low but without durability sacrifices. Reflectors included to keep you visible at night.
Chains are supplied by KMC.

Parts/Colours out of stock


The demand for a Broke Bike fixie has been quite a surprise. While we’re delighted that so many people want to ride one of our bikes through their colourful live, this also means we’re having trouble keeping all parts stocked. We’re working hard, together with manufacturers and suppliers, to catch up with demand and get a steadier supply going. As we’re still very much a start-up company, it might take a bit of time before everything runs smoothly.

Out of stock items are currently estimated to take up to 8 weeks to arrive.


If a certain part or color you’ve fallen in love with is out of stock, we’ve still got a solution for you. You can pre-order your configuration exactly how you like it today and we will ship your Broke Bike as soon as the out-of-stock parts are available. Since most backordered parts tend to sell out of new stock before it arrives, it's always a good idea to pre-order.

  1. Add your configuration to the cart and checkout
  2. You only pay a 100EUR deposit today. The remainder will be invoiced when the parts are back in stock and we start to assemble your bike.
  3. Your order will be on the priority list to be assembled/shipped when new stock arrives.
  4. Full refund policy available up until the parts are back in stock
  5. We’ll also include some gifts in the bicycle package, to thank you for supporting us and having patience with us.

Of course we're here to talk if you have any questions or concerns about our pre-order program. Feel free to send us an e-mail or come chat with us right away.


Fixies, or fixed gear bikes, are simple by design. They only have one gear which is "fixed" to the rear wheel. So, if you pedal forward, the bike moves forward. If you pedal backwards, the bike moves backwards. This might seem strange, but there are a few upsides to this setup.

First, no extra gears equals less components to add to the bike. In fact, it would be difficult to build a bike with less components.

This means that fixies are very lightweight, which in turn makes the bicycle feel delightfully nimble and maneuverable.

Since Broke Bikes™ fixies have less parts, they are also a lot easier to maintain or repair, another win for you.

Finally, because your pedals are directly tied to the movement of the wheels, it feels like you're one with your bike. It changes the whole riding experience and gives you a much greater feeling of control, of freedom.

Don't feel like the fixed gear setup is for you? No worries. Broke Bikes™ fixies have what we call a flip-flop hub. In just a few minutes you can turn the back wheel and use the freewheel cog on the other side. The bicycle will then behave like a normal, cruising bike.

Broke Bikes™ fixies are fun for everyone, girl or boy. But we do suggest wearing pants ;)

Depending on the size of the frame and selection of parts, your Broke Bike will weigh between 10 and 12 kgs.

We'll send your brand new ride to you, wherever you are on the globe. These are the shipping costs for Broke Bikes™ bicycles:

BeNeLux Free!
Rest of World 100 EUR

When your brand new Broke Bike is finished, we'll ship it to you wherever you are on the globe. You'll receive an e-mail from us with a tracking code so you can keep an eye on your order.

We've listed the estimated shipping times for you:

BeNeLux 2-3 days
EU 3-6 days
Rest of World 6-10 days

Keep in mind that these times are estimates, and can change due to reasons beyond our control.

We sure do, have a look at our returns policy, here.

Your new ride will arrive in a big box and about 90% ready to go. All that's left to do is screw in the pedals, seat, front wheel and handlebars.

After that, we recommend you pass by your neighbourhood bicycle shop and have them do a quick check-up. This will also enable you to activate your warranty, so hold on to the receipt you receive for the check-up work.

The size of your bike will be dependent of your height, have a look at our size chart to find out your best fit.

All our bikes will arrive at your door with both front and rear brake assembled.

We've got the following payment methods available:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard / Visa / Amex (Stripe)
  • Bancontact / MisterCash
  • iDeal
  • SofortBanking
  • Bank transfer

The frames of our bikes are covered by a 4 year warranty. Our bikes are covered with a 2 year warranty on their parts, but make sure you activate this warranty with a quick check-up at your local bicycle shop!